Our Research Advantage

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Access to Facilities

Lighthouse operates under the benefit of an exclusive contract with Kragujevac University, granting the opportunity to conduct pre-clinical trials together with the Faculty of Medicine.

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Scientific Infrastructure

Serbia is desirable jurisdiction for conducting medical research because of its unique combination of a very established scientific infrastructure alongside a relatively low standard of living

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International Cooperation

Kragujevac University enjoys a great international co-operation network that includes Karolinska Institute in Stockholm as well as The First Moscow State Medical University, Russia , and other Serbian Medical Universities.

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Cost Advantage

Lighthouse has calculated a significant cost advantage in conducting pre-clinical and clinical studies on psychedelic compounds compared to its peers as a result of this partnership.

Our World Class Research Team

Prof. Dr. Vladimir Jakovljevic, PhD

Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences University of Kragujevac
President of Serbian Physiological Society
Editor in Chief of Serbian Journal of Experimental and Clinical Research
20 years of research experience
148 publications, 538 citations in 80 journals globally

Prof. Tibor J. Sabo, PhD

University of Belgrade , Full Professor
Chair of General and Inorganic Chemistry
Award of the Serbian chemical society for outstanding success during studies
Over 120 Publications, 900 Citations , over 20 years of research experience

Our Leading Researchers

Ass. Prof. Biljana Ljujic, PhD

Ass. Professor of Human Genetics

Ass. Prof. MD, PhD Tamara Nikolic Turnic

Ass. Professor of Human Genetics

Molecule Research

Commercialization of novel mental health solutions

Lighthouse`s primary focus is the commercialization of novel mental health solutions designed at improving health outcomes for patients suffering from depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), as well as substance and alcohol use disorders.


Design and Test

Lighthouse intends to design and test new molecule derivates from Psilocybin and Ibogaine.


Create Psilocybin

Lighthouse intends to first create five novel Psilocybin derivate molecules, and apply to patent each of them.


Create Ibogaine

Lighthouse intends to create an additional 5 novel Ibogaine derivate molecules, and apply to patent each of them.


Pre-clinical Trials

Lighthouse intends to commence 3 pre-clinical trials, studying its novel Psilocybin derivate molecules during 2021


Clinical Tests

Lighthouse intends to clinically test its new molecules with volunteer patients at The University of Zurich in 2022.

Lighthouse offers quick and highly cost effective molecular development and pre-clinical research in a peer reviewed GLP laboratory.

API Production

Production of pharmaceutical grade API’s

Lighthouse`s second focus is on the production of pharmaceutical grade API’s for sale to other accredited researchers and Institutions. Lighthouse will commence modest API production under license in Serbia with an anticipated larger facility in Montenegro. Lighthouse projects that it will have commenced API production and received all necessary export permits allowing for the export and sale of GLP pharmaceutical grade synthetic psilocybin in Serbia in late 2021, with operations in Montenegro anticipated to commence by the second quarter 2022.


A current need for API’s

Universities and research companies spreading across the globe require a reliable supply of pharmaceutical grade psychedelic ingredients.


An anticipated massive C.A.G.R.

As the industry develops the pharmaceutical and wellness industries will require an enormous supply of approved API`s to produce and administer psychedelic based substances.


An anticipated array of APIs

Lighthouse will work towards creating additional synthesized API’s including Ibogaine, Bufo, Ayahuasca and Kambo.


Surging global demand

In the coming years it is anticipated that global demand for GMP/GLP synthesized psychedelic API`s will far exceed available supply.

Lighthouse has a clear path to immediate revenue while it conducts pre clinical research on its own novel molecules.

Projected Timelines

Q3 2021
Research contracts and start
Q3 2021
GLP lab ready
Q4 2021
New patentable Psilocybin molecule derivates
Q4 2021
Preclinical studies on own Psilocybin molecule derivates in Serbia
Q4 2021
Start of API Production in Serbia
Q1 2022
Begin API production in Montenego
Q2 2022
Clinical studies on own Psilocybin molecule derivates on JV basis in Serbia
Q2 2022
evelopment of other own patentable molecule derivates, Ibogaine as priority
Q2 2022
Psilocybin derivate Tests with Zurich University